Palace Hotel, Antonito Colorado

Palace Hotel, Antonito Colorado —

Antonito was the connection point on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad with lines going south to Santa Fe and another line traveling west to Chama and Durango. The Palace Hotel was built in 1890 to accommodate the increase in railroad traffic. The Hotel Red Book for 1894 lists E.L. Myers as the manager. The National Register of Historic Places registration form notes that the earliest owner of record was C.B. Moyers. E.L. Myers who was also a general store merchant bought the hotel in 1901. It is assumed that his general store was in the front of the hotel thus he was able to manage both hotel and store. However, a sampling of the Hotel Red Books lists other individuals as the hotel managers. In the 1903 Hotel Red Book L.A. Reinert is listed as the manager and the price for a room is $2.00. Myers sold the property in 1909 of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. McGregor and they operated the hotel into the 1940s. Once again a sampling of Hotel Red Books from 1909 thru 1941 lists other individuals as the hotel managers. During the Great Depression the cost for a room dropped to $1.00.

After the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad dropped the “Chili Line,” the route to Santa Fe in 1941 the commercial activity in Antonito dropped off. The Palace Hotel suffered because the need for a place to spend the night waiting for a connecting train ended. At some point before 1914 the addition to the south was added to the Palace Hotel. The Palace Hotel no longer was listed in the Hotel Red Books after 1941.





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