The Herring Hotel, Amarillo Texas

The Herring Hotel, Amarillo Texas –Here is another one of those grand old hotels that is now sitting idle on the edge north of downtown Amarillo.  The Herring at one time was tied as the fourth largest hotel in Texas behind Houston’s Rice Hotel, Dallas’ Adolphus and Baker hotels and tied with the Texas, in Fort Worth.  The hotel had 600 rooms with 600 baths. It was built by C.T. Herring and opened in 1927.  Ernest Thompson who managed the hotel took control the following year.  Thompson trained as an attorney became a hotelier and operated a chain of hotels in the Texas panhandle.  Most people recognize Thompson as a longtime commissioner of the Texas Railroad Commission.  The oddly named commission is most famous for regulating the Texas oil and gas industry.

 Notice the marble facade that was added to the ground floor entryway in later years of operation. I guess this newer facade was an attempt to update the hotel to travelers. I suspect with the completion of Interstate 40 to the south of downtown business migrated to the then newer motels along the highway.



An advertisement of the Herring and Amarillo Hotels from the 1930 Hotel Red Book highlights that room rates were $2.00 and nothing above $2.50.


This image of the Herring Hotel is from an advertisement in the October 1942 Texas Hotel Review. Notice the original front entry compared to the renovation of the 1960s seen in my images.  The Hotel Herring sign is also on the hotel roof.

Below is a postcard of the hotel from the early 1940s. The reverse side of the postcard lists the population of Amarillo at 55,000 and an altitude of 3,676 feet.


The Texas Escapes on-line magazine of the Herring Hotel is here.

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