The Old Plainview Hilton, Plainview Texas

The Old Plainview Hilton, Plainview Texas –A true grand hotel whose time has long passed.  It is always hard to look at these old hotels that stand empty and yet at one time they held the pulse of the local community.

The Plainview Hilton opened in 1929 and contained 125 rooms, all with baths.   The total cost of construction was $400,000.  A few months later the Great Depression began.  Eventually Conrad N. Hilton lost ownership of the Plainview Hilton to one of his financial backers.  However, the Plainview remained a part of the Hilton Hotel chain and under Conrad’s management.

In 1944, Hilton regained control of the Plainview Hilton from the Great Southern Life Insurance Company of Dallas, Texas.  He sold the hotel management lease to Porter Morgan a veteran of other Hilton properties.  The Hilton employee magazine, Minimaxims reported in September 1944 that Porter Morgan was the new manager.  The hotel remained a part of the Hilton Hotels until 1946 when the hotel was dropped from the Hilton family of hotels; there was not a listing of the hotel with other Hilton hotels after April 1946.  Locally, the hotel was still referred to as the Hilton and the Hilton Hotel sign on the roof remained atop for several years.

In 1975, Morgan sold the building and it has had numerous owners since then.  Most of these owners have had one plan or another with hope of revitalization but all have been met with failure.  The building has sat empty since 1983. 

I suspect the old hotel building is still structurally sound or the large communications antennae would not be on top of the building.  While not part of the original hotel, notice the empty art deco café next door to the hotel.  There used to be a very interesting website from the Texas Tech Architecture college that contained a lot of interesting images of the Plainview Hilton.

Archive to other images of the Plainview Hilton:




The Plainview Hilton listed with other Hilton Hotels from a 1930s postcard.


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  1. deanna Reply

    My dad grew up in this hotel as his parents were business partners with Porter. Porter lived in CA and it was Charles and Louise Morgan (no relation to Porter) who actually ran the hotel. The story that is told in my family is that Porter won the hotel in a poker game with Mr. Hilton.

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