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Tularosa Hotel, Tularosa NM

Tularosa Hotel-

Driving through this small town north of Alamogordo, I stumbled across what was the Tularosa Hotel.  The building presently looked like someone’s art studio when I passed through town.  The structure looked to be in pretty good shape and in recent years received a fresh coat of paint.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything in the archive or the various hotel reference books on a hotel in Tularosa New Mexico.




Hatch, NM

Driving from Las Cruces to Socorro, New Mexico I got off the Interstate to enjoy the less frantic back roads and enjoy the scenery.  I stopped in Hatch, a small farming town best known for the Green Chili Festival.  I came across an old building that looked like it was once a hotel.  It had the markings of an early day hotel; railroad tracks ran behind the building, and the structure is located on one of the more travelled streets in town.

Returning to the archive I looked up the Sanborn maps for Hatch in 1930.   They show that the structure was indeed a hotel but provide no name.  The maps also show a more substantial hotel listed the Jonada Hotel made of adobe.  Unfortunately, that hotel was torn down at some point and a modern bank sits on that site.





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