Childress, TX

Childress, TX

Stopping in Childress I was able to find two hotel properties still standing: the Hotel Childress and the Majestic Hotel. Both properties look like they have been empty for several years and are showing the effects of neglect and age.

At one time, Childress had a thriving hotel trade. The first hotel from Childress I found in the Hotel Red Book was the Fagg Hotel. Its first appearance was in the 1913 edition showing that W.W. Fagg was the proprietor later Ms. M Fagg is listed as proprietor. It is no longer standing and Sanborn Maps show that there were a few other hotels listed prior to the Fagg Hotel.

Image link to the Fagg Hotel found on the Portal to Texas History website.

By the second decade of the 20th century more hotels were established in Childress and almost all with in blocks of the train depot. Among the hotels were the Denver soon to be renamed the Rhea Hotel, Union Hotel, and Thompson Hotel.

In the late 1920s the five story Hotel Childress opened up. The first entry in the Hotel Red Book was in 1929 with 75 rooms.

By the late 20s the first motor courts catering to the automobile travelers open up on the north side of downtown on the highway.

The Southern Hotel Journal in 1953 noted that E.H. Curry was the new manager of the Hotel Childress.  Curry was previously manager of the Hotel Yucca in Raton New Mexico for eight years and was the current president of the Rocky Mountain Hotel Association.  Curry was tasked with rehabilitating the Childress with new furnishings, carpet and the installation of air conditioning units for half the hotel rooms.

Hotel Childress:

I do not find any listing for the Majestic Hotel in the Red Books so its history is still a mystery to me.

Majestic Hotel:

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