Junction, TX

Junction, TX

The Los Lomas Hotel is still standing and looks to be in decent shape, though from my last visit to Junction the property appeared to be sitting empty.

The Fritz Hotel originally occupied the location of the Los Lomas Hotel. The original Fritz Hotel was built prior to 1921 and the structure was on Williamson Avenue with a portico. A newspaper article from 1918 described the Fritz hotel “a fine place to stop over night.” The owner of the hotel was Joe P. Fritz.

The first appearance in the Hotel Red Book for the Fritz Hotel was in 1928 with 45 rooms. Sometime between 1926 and 1933 the original Fritz Hotel was torn down and the current structure was built on the same property on Williamson Ave. The Hotel Red Book continues to list the hotel name and Joe Fritz as the manager but the hotel rooms decrease from 45 to 37 beginning in 1937.

The new structure was set back from the road with a circle drive. The building is in the Spanish Colonial style with white plaster walls and the red clay roof tiles. The hotel has a front porch with a balcony and small tower on the front of the building.

Joe Fritz remained manager until 1938. The hotel changed its name to the Los Lomas hotel in 1939. An article in the Texas Hotel Review notes that R.L. (Rudy) Kott was the new manager and described the hotel with 38 rooms, 24 baths all supplied with hot and cold water.


In 1946 the property was for sale listing all the features of the building.


Present day photos:

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